Membership and Group Privacy and Respect Terms and Conditions


We offer a 14 day free trial to allow you to preview and interact in the group, before deciding if you want to join.


We will not bill your card, until the end of your trial giving you an opportunity to cancel before being billed.


Membership runs for 30 consecutive days, beginning once your free trial as expired; thereafter you will be billed one day prior to your expiration date. For example, if your trial ends on September 14th your first payment will be charged on September 15th. Your subscription period will run from the 15th through 14th of the following month and your card will then be billed on the 13th, or one day before the expiration date.


You may cancel your membership at any time, by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and notifying us that you want to cancel at time. Please enter the word “cancel” in the subject line. We will NOT issue a partial month refund; your membership will remain open for the rest of the month.


We do not retain or have access to credit card details. Payments are processed through Stripe here is a link to their privacy policy. Hesed Place does not save or store your credit card information.


The membership period runs for 30 consecutive days, from the end of your 14 day trial.


Once you are a member you may cancel at any time during the month. Your membership will remain active through the end of your 30 day period. No refunds will be issued for partial month payments.


Refunds will be issued for the unused, full month portion of your annual membership or if you would like you can donate your remaining months to a survivor in need.


You must be 18 or older to join the group. By subscribing you agree you are over the age of 18.


You can view our privacy policy by clicking here


We are all here because we WANT to be here! So... let's treat each other with respect and kindness always. We may not always agree, that's normal and some of what makes us unique! Please make efforts to keep language safe and let's not be judgmental.


Healing Place@ Hesed is private group. Respect and confidentiality are essential components of a safe community. It is never ok to discuss the details of another’s story or any personal posts, these details are to remain within the group, unless of course permission is given first. If you want to share a meme or general post that moved you please remember it’s always polite and best to ask the original poster, first if they mind. A great guide, for general posts, will be to pause and ask yourself how I would feel if it were my story and if you are unsure at all ask first. You can then copy and paste it onto your own page.


You are welcome to invite anyone you feel will enjoy being part of a community growing together as we understand our trauma. 

If you feel a strong reaction to a post, please pay attention and recognize the emotions are helping show you places that need care & healing. Pause, settle and if needed reach out to those you trust. Remember it’s ALWAYS ok to scroll by a post! You can revisit the post at a later time, if you want.


If you feel a post is inappropriate or threatening please reach out to one of the admins and let us know, your concerns.